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African operator launches first real-time billing for prepaid data from Starhome Mach

Escrito por Redacción TNI el 10/06/2014 a las 11:20:00

Starhome Mach, the global leader in mobile inter-carrier network and clearing house services, announced that it has implemented its Prepaid Data Roaming Enabler™ solution at a leading South African operator. For the first time, prepaid roamers can freely use data services, creating new revenue streams for operators and increasing customer satisfaction.

African operators offer post-paid subscribers attractive data roaming packages, yet many are not able to provide their prepaid subscribers with data roaming services due to technical limitations. Prepaid Data Roaming Enabler gives operators an effective means to track and charge their prepaid roamers for data usage in real time, overcoming any technical issues. Operators can now provide data services to this significant prepaid segment, which represents an estimated 95% of all subscriptions in Africa.

Real-time charging per country and network is made possible by identifying the network to which each prepaid roamer is currently connected. Prepaid Data Roaming Enabler provides the necessary information for billing, which was previously missing or incomplete, such as the IP address and network code.

“The Prepaid Data Roaming Enabler billing solution will immediately boost revenues by tapping into this under-served, yet lucrative, prepaid market,” Marom Ben-Menachem, General Manager of Africa and Middle East at Starhome Mach commented. “By serving this critical market need, we’re further assisting operators in increasing revenues, improving customer satisfaction and remaining competitive.”

The Prepaid Data Roaming Enabler is based on 3GPP standards, and its core technology is patent pending by Starhome Mach.