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A very interesting new product

Escrito por Redacción TNI el 02/05/2014 a las 17:12:21

PARIS Withings, the leader in the connected health revolution, announced on April 22 the launch of the Pulse O₂ activity tracker and a redesign of its companion app, Health Mate. The new device expands on the versatility of Withings’ original Pulse, adding a wristband accessory so users can wear it as a watch. The Pulse O₂ also adds the ability to measure blood oxygen level in addition to heart rate, a first for the category. The updated Health Mate app now features real-time coaching that turns the data from Withings devices into actionable advice.

Long-term adoption 
To promote long-term use and alleviate the inconvenience of single-purpose wearables[1], the Pulse O2 is designed to be worn a number of ways – whether it’s in a pocket, clipped to a user’s clothing, or worn on the wrist. Cédric Hutchings, CEO & co-founder of Withings explains: “Activity trackers have become very popular among health-conscious consumers, but we recognize a responsibility to design devices that are very accessible for a large population to use consistently over the long term. It’s the only way they can have a real impact on health”. New automatic background synchronization via Bluetooth Low Energy and wake-up recognition also contribute to Pulse O2’s ease of use.
Two vital signs 
Like its predecessor, the Pulse O₂ tracks users' activity, sleep, and heart rate. The improved device tracks a second vital sign, blood oxygen level, via an optical lens and light on the back of the unit - a first for the category of activity trackers. Accurate blood oxygen readings can be critical for mountain climbers, athletes, and people with breathing problems like asthma and other COPDs. It’s also a way for anyone to quickly assess respiratory function.
New Health Mate App
Along with the introduction of Pulse O₂, Withings also released a major update to the Health Mate, the central user experience for all their products. The web and mobile application has been revamped to provide real-time coaching toward the user’s health objectives. Smart Insights help point out users’ progress, Healthy Reminders help them adopt the right habits, Virtual Badges provide rewards, and Leaderboards add a competitive element to staying healthy. All items appear in real-time on a new Timeline view to maintain daily motivation.  According to Hutchings, “People are done with raw graphics! They want some kind of interpretation and, most importantly, some realistic call to action.”
The Withings Pulse O₂ is available today from selected retail partners and on for $119.95.