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A crowdfunding tool

Escrito por Redacción TNI el 16/06/2015 a las 23:46:24

Bricknode ( has signed an agreement with crowdfunding platform Co-owning ( to supply the core software for managing investors, investments, accounts, money transfers and powering a secondary market for crowdfunded investments among other things.

Bricknode develops and offers a cloud based financial business platform including modules like back office, financial advisory, account management, customer portal, real time trading and insurance. Bricknode has recently began working with companies within crowdfunding and peer-to-peer lending. Using the API of Bricknode Financial Systems (“BFS”), various crowdfunding providers can connect their customer facing front ends to BFS and instantly use this highly configurable platform for managing the financial and regulatory area of the business.

“Traditionally BFS has been used by broker dealers and other financial institutions as a main software platform to manage their business. With the exploding growth of crowd funding and peer-to-peer lending Bricknode has entered into another area of use for BFS. Bricknode can even deliver services to crowdfunding companies like brokerage, custody and administrative services.

For Co-owning Bricknode will act as an integration partner and configure the workflows of the business within BFS. Co-owning will continue to build out its own software for offering its services to investors and facilitating various property projects to create value while using Bricknodes “off the shelf” product for core processes. Since Co-owning has an established US-based business this relationship represents the first entry for Bricknode into North America.” said Stefan Willebrand, Executive Chairman of Bricknode.

“We are happy to have entered into this agreement with Bricknode which will significantly shorten the time to market for our technology build out. We see great value with being able to facilitate a secondary market for investments in our crowdfunding projects and to fully build on the technology and experience which Bricknode has accumulated during its business with high end financial companies” said Samuel Brissman, co-founder of Co-owning.