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The Technology Gift List for 2017 What Every Techie Wants. Part 2

Escrito por Tony Dillistone el 12/12/2017 a las 18:07:26

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Well, Thanksgiving Day in the U.S. has come and gone (traditionally the start of “shopping season”) and we’ve got a few more quick ideas for unique gifts for everyone on your list (and yourself!). We have much more to tell you about each of these products and the innovative companies which produce them and we will be profiling some in coming months.

With no further ado…

Our Picks for Tech-fan Gifts:


  • Fidgetly CTRLHere’s one for the tech enthusiasts and gamers on your list. The Fidgetly CTRL takes the trend of Fidget Spinners to a whole new level. It is the first-ever connected, gaming fidget spinner that lets players track their spins via the app, compete with friends and play mobile games in a whole new way
  • Vuze VR CameraThe Vuze VR Camera is a great gift option for photographers, videographers or virtually anyone on your list. It’s an affordable 3D-360 degree VR camera that captures professional quality video combined with 3D audio making it easy for anyone to create truly immersive VR experiences.
  • MiniMuseumThis is just pure fun for tech fans of all ages (educational too!). The Mini Museum is a personal collection of rare specimens - including a detailed companion guide - from Earth and beyond. Carefully curated and handcrafted, each limited edition features a unique lineup of iconic specimens designed to inspire wonder and curiosity about the Universe.
  • Gamevice - The Gamevice Mobile Controller for iOS and Android devices provides a unique mobile gaming experience for over 1,000 games and apps. Not only does Gamevice turn your mobile device into a gaming console on the go, it works as a controller for drones and robots making it a must have accessory for any gamer.
  • ZeTime I can’t wait to add this one to my watch collection! ZeTime (from Switzerland-based, MyKronos) is the first hybrid smartwatch with mechanical hands over a color touchscreen. ZeTime blends the classic design of a Swiss traditional timepiece with the most advanced features of a smartwatch. Besides being a best-of-breed smartwatch, ZeTime also has the honor of being the most-funded Kickstarter project from a European company, as well as being the most-funded hybrid smartwatch ever.
  • Pi SOLO A very portable augmented reality camera for your smartphone combining social media - including a direct connection to Facebook Live - and photography.
    Pi SOLO captures video as well as still images via an app-based wide-angle camera that is lightweight, compact and wearable, making it the perfect travel companion. 


  • Otto Digital Lock – An innovative Smart Home Device - for people that don't like to carry keys (I know I don’t). Otto is a true 21st digital lock that sets a new standard for security, design and performance, responding to the needs of modern families.
  • Spire Health Tag Addressing some of the fundamental flaws of wearables 1.0 that have stalled mass adoption, Spire is the industry’s smallest biosensor; discreetly adhering to your clothes and using advanced algorithms to provide personalized, real-time health guidance for sleep, calmness and daily activity.
  • Moonlite Here’s a cool one for those of you with children in your lives. Moonlite™ is a children’s story book projector that attaches to almost any mobile phone and uses the flashlight of the phone to project vibrant story images onto the ceiling or wall.
  • Bibo Barmaid – Last but not least… when you are ready to relax after a long day of shopping… think "Keurig" for cocktails. The Bibo Barmaid system is a single serve, smart cocktail machine that gives you the ability to enjoy your very own expertly crafted mixed drinks at home with a single touch of a button.



Well, there you have it. I hope you have found something to your liking. We always like to hear about cool technologies and how they are changing your life – so feel free to tell us your favorite technologies of 2017. In the meantime, happy shopping!