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Inscripción ofertas en Empleo Tecnonews

Deep learning in Neuroimaging

Fecha inserción: 20/10/2016

Descripción del empleo:

Will be an integral part of a small development team of three people, responsible for research and development of deep learning systems for analysis of neuroimage. The right candidate will possess good analytical and programming skills, be willing to investigate and fail many times without despairing. It is not critical to do all those best practices for coding, delivery and optimization that are taught at coding schools :) Most importantly, you should have an appetite for creating new ways of solving problems, with artificial intelligence, applied in the real world, to improve health care in the world, and save lives. We are looking for someone that can/has: -Understand the new way of programming using neural networks. -Read and keep up to date with related scientific literature -Guide and assist other development team members as part of a project team. -Work closely with technical leads to design development roadmap. -Work with neuroimaging tools to pre-process and post-process data. -Understand the medical implications of the diagnosing tools being developed. -By order of preference, some experience/interest in Tensorflow/deep learning/machine learning. -Good capability to learn new software tools on his own. -Experience with python, numpy and pandas. -Some experience in image processing, transformations, filtering, etc. -Work with Amazon Web Services environment -The ability to setup, maintain and optimize Linux-based application servers -None of the above but a good sense of humor and readiness to learn Benefits/what we can offer: -Workplace: Pier 01 overlooking the Mediterranean Sea in Port Vell -Annual compensation: $30K - $38K per year, and milestone bonuses. -Mentors to help you get adjusted to the team through active guidance, and support. -The option to work one day remotely at your leisure, from the comfort of your bed or bathtub.

Empresa: Methinks

Ubicación: Barcelona

Periodo de empleo: Indefinido

Sueldo: 30-38.000 dlr.

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